Jack Brandon, LinkedIn

As a seasoned director, innovator, project manager, and consultant, with experience working for Fortune 500 companies, I have developed a deep understanding of process controls, financial and statistical analysis, accounting, marketing, internal auditing, and performance improvement. My roles have included internal and external consulting from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial ventures, managing multicultural teams and projects across various geographical regions, and teaching and research at the college level. I am an active member of my community, and mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization, volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Pets for Vets, Therapy Dogs International, and other organizations. 

Christopher Manfredi, LinkedIn

A trained futurist and systems thinker with a strategic planning and scenario creation background, I'm always looking to incorporate true forecasting into anything I do. An avid background as a professional deejay, electrical engineer, and corporate strategist, I've found having a prescription for weirdness has allowed me to explore generally any topic I find intriguing. Currently, I work in corporate strategy at a Fortune 500 tech firm where I specialize in understanding and communicating the future worlds of analytics and artificial intelligence. When I'm not seeking out most novel directions for computing technology, I'm generally exploring everything else there is to know in the world: philosophy, economics, literature, world culture, and music.