Some Future #023 - Biohack The Future

On this episode of Some Future, we wonder what to make of Starbucks and other companies banning plastic and ideate on getting rid of pesky creatures using science. On PaleoFutures, we get nuclear with the Manhattan Project and are trying to figure out how to invest in the era of global tariff wars. Our guest is synthetic biologist, futurist and science fiction writer Elsa Sotiriadis who talks to us about the future of biohacking

About this week's guest:
The BioFuturist
Elsa Sotiriadis - Twitter

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Starbucks Banning Straws

Killing Pests & Diseases with Science

PaleoFutures - Manhattan Project

FizBiz - Global Tarriifs

Some Future #022 - Citizen Government

On this episode of Some Future, we think on Jeremy Rifkin’s new documentary, Third Industrial Revolution as a well as get deep on the future of government. On Paleofutures, we dive into systems thinking with female futurist Donella Meadows and talk China’s Amazon, Alibaba, on FizBiz. that was Bell Labs, and talk about the future of car ownership on Fiz Biz. Our guest today is Ross Meadows who gives us a glimpse.

About this week's guest:
Ross Dawson
Ross Dawson- Twitter

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Third Industrial Revolution

Future of Government

PaleoFutures - Donella Meadows

FizBiz - Alibaba

Some Future #020 - Corporate Futures

On the next Some Future, we recap our 2017 shows going through a listing of meaty topics we might talk about in 2018 like CRISPR-CAS9 genome editing, artificial intelligence, energy, and human rights and society. We cheat and talk about the hit sci-fi show Black Mirror on PaleoFutures, and discuss the crazy world of Bitcoin and not so crazy world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Our interview segment, we speak to Brian David Johnson, Futurist in Residence at Arizona State University and former futurist for Intel on threatcasting and doing futures in the corporate world.

About this week's guest:
Center for Science & Imagination
Brian David Johnson - Twitter

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Artificial Intelligence

PaleoFutures - Black Mirror

FizBiz - Cryptocurrencies

Some Future #019 - The Role of Story in Futures

On this episode of Some Future, we talk about future of vaccinations and how they affect our world. We also look at how the Internet of Things will affect our world, possibly in terrible ways. On PaleoFutures, we look at the wonderous worlds of Bladerunner and Bladerunner 2049, and on FizBiz, we look into India as a future economic power. Our guest is noted futurist and speaker Derek Woodgate who talks to us about how to tell futures with stories.

About this week's guest:
Futures Lab
University of Anger

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Internet of Things

PaleoFutures - BladeRunner

FizBiz - Investing in India

Some Future #018 - Teaching The Future

On this episode, we discuss the effects of direct democracy and how AI might be more dangerous than we think. On PaleoFutures, we dive into George Orwell's 1984, and on FizBiz, we talk about the rights that certain companies have in the 21st century. Closing out show, we speak to futurist teacher Peter Bishop on how to teach others (and children) about the future.

About this week's guest:
Teach The Future
Houston Futures

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:

Democracy in Peril?

Artificial Intelligence in Government

PaleoFutures - George Orwell’s 1984

Some Future #017 - Telling Futures Stories

On this episode of Some Future, we dive into the future of cities and mega research centers. On PaleoFutures, we look into a wave of futures with Alvin Toffler and check out space technologies to invest in with Fiz Biz. Prominent storytelling futurist Joe Tankersley talks to us about the power of story telling with foresight.

About this week's guest:
Unique Visions
Joe Tankersley - Twitter

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Future of Cities

Mega Research Centers

PaleoFutures - Alvin Toffler

FizBiz - Space Investing

Some Future #015 - Transhumanism for President

On this episode of Some Future, we will be discussing ways to combat climate change as well as whether or not the human race will go extinct. On Paleofutures, we get into the weird future worlds of Philip K Dick and on FizBiz, we dive deep into the future of real estate in cities. Our guest this week is the founder of the Transhumanist Party who ran for President of the United States Zoltan Istvan.

About this week's guest:
Real Future: Meet Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist Running For President (Episode 5)
Zoltan Istvan: the poster boy for immortality
Zoltan Istvan

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:

Climate Change Fixes

Human & Animal Extinction

PaleoFutures - Philip K Dick

FizBiz - Real Estate Investing

Some Future #013 - Mutant Futures

On this episode of Some Future, we talk about the government investing in industry as well as the shrinking populations of many countries due to numerous factors including technology. On PaleoFutures, we take a look at Edward Bellamy’s utopian novel Looking Backwards. On FizBiz, we dive into the currently expensive world of college education. This week’s interview is with Jose Ramos, a social innovator, researcher, advocate for the commons and a mutant futurist about, what else, mutant futures.

About this week's guest:
Action Foresight
Jose Ramos - Twitter
Jose Ramos - LinkedIn

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:

Government Investing

Shrinking Sex Statistics & Technology

Looking Backwards

FizBiz - College Education

Some Future #012 - The Future of Consciousness

Some Future #011 - Futures As Connected Systems

Some Future #010 - Futures To Learn In

On this episode of Some Future, we look at the strange science of bringing back species as well as the potentially mouth watering ideas in the future of food. On PaleoFutures, we marvel at the eye-popping innovations shown in the Douglas Englebart's Mother of All Demos. On FizBiz, autonomous vehicles as well as flying vehicles are given the driver's seat. Our interview segment includes education futurist Jason Swanson whose work in K-12 education gave us a view on how we can better educate our youth. 

About this week's guest:
Jason Swanson
Knowledge Works
Future of Student Needs

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:


Future of Food

Mother Of All Demos

Flying Cars


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