Some Future #023 - Biohack The Future

On this episode of Some Future, we wonder what to make of Starbucks and other companies banning plastic and ideate on getting rid of pesky creatures using science. On PaleoFutures, we get nuclear with the Manhattan Project and are trying to figure out how to invest in the era of global tariff wars. Our guest is synthetic biologist, futurist and science fiction writer Elsa Sotiriadis who talks to us about the future of biohacking

About this week's guest:
The BioFuturist
Elsa Sotiriadis - Twitter

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:

Starbucks Banning Straws

Killing Pests & Diseases with Science

PaleoFutures - Manhattan Project

FizBiz - Global Tarriifs

Some Future #015 - Transhumanism for President

On this episode of Some Future, we will be discussing ways to combat climate change as well as whether or not the human race will go extinct. On Paleofutures, we get into the weird future worlds of Philip K Dick and on FizBiz, we dive deep into the future of real estate in cities. Our guest this week is the founder of the Transhumanist Party who ran for President of the United States Zoltan Istvan.

About this week's guest:
Real Future: Meet Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist Running For President (Episode 5)
Zoltan Istvan: the poster boy for immortality
Zoltan Istvan

About ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:

Climate Change Fixes

Human & Animal Extinction

PaleoFutures - Philip K Dick

FizBiz - Real Estate Investing